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Muharram's tentative day is 20th August. 
We have daily Majlis program from 1st to 13th Muharram. 
We have all programs on zoom however maximum 20 people will be allowed to come Hussainia to attend program, executives trustees and reciters will be preferable. 
kids, Ladies, older and sick people are not allowed.
You have to register with us before coming 

We will arrange all Ziaraat during Muharram through Zoom. 

Annual Traditional Majlis e Aza
(Istakbal e Muharram)

Date & Time:   Wed Aug 19th 2020 (today) @ majlis has been started.
Speaker:            Maulana Haider Jaffer
Location:          827 Braeside View (with 10 people limit)

ZOOM ID: 5121451214 Password: 702HASC

Please join us 

Organized by: Dr Kamal Haider